Winchester Cross Door Knocker – D700-0221


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Product Description

Height 3″
Width 1¼”
Depth ¾”

Antique Winchester Cross Door Knocker

Small antique brass door knocker depicting the Winchester Cross along with the Trusty Servant.

The city of Winchester Cross is known variously as High Cross, City Cross and Butter Cross.

The Trusty Servant is a hircocervus.It is depicted in a wall-painting called The Trusty Servant, painted by John Hoskins in 1579, dating from the 1580s.

It hangs outside the kitchen of Winchester College in Hampshire.

It is a figure, part man, part porker, part deer, and part donkey; with a padlock on his mouth, and various other symbols in his hands and about his person, the whole signifying a most valuable character.

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