Queens Park Goats Head Door Knocker

A typical Queens Park Estate original cast iron goats head door-knocker

A typical Queens Park Estate original cast iron goats head door knocker

Queens Park is a small exclusive neighbourhood in North West London named after the large park at its centre. The park was named in commemoration of Queens Victoria’s golden jubilee in 1887.

The streets around Queens Park were developed between 1895 and 1905 and are best known for their beautiful period properties which are a mixture of late Victorian and Edwardian terraces, semi-detached and spacious detached houses.

The  local Borough Council with the support of English Heritage made Queen’s Park a Conservation Area in July 1986 in recognition of its special architectural and historic character. In 1993 the designated area was extended westwards towards Chamberlayne Road.

Conservation Areas are places of special architectural and historic character with
a collective quality worth preserving and enhancing. The strength of their character is dependent on the way the individual buildings and gardens compliment each other.

Strict rules apply for alterations made to the proprieties within the conservation area and the local council provides a detailed publication for residents.  This specifies that original front doors and door furniture should be retained and where replacement is unavoidable originals or replicas of the original design should be used.


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